Marbella Medical and Dental is a vertically integrated health care service and as such it offers, not only an out-patient medical and dental care service, but also an In-patient Hospital Service.

It uses a number of Hospitals in the Torremolinos and Malaga area depending on the specialists offering the service, however ninety per cent of the In-patient Hospital Care is carried out at the Santa Elena Clinic in Urb. "Los Alamos.

Marbella Medical and Dental has come to the conclusion after admitting patients over 23 years to different Hospitals in the area, that the Intensive Care Dept at "Santa Elena Clinic" ranks amongst the best and because of it's proximetry to Marbella it has become it's first choice for operations such us:

1. Eye Cataract Removal
2. Knee Replacement
3. Hip Replacement
4. Knee Cartilege Trimming or Removal
5. Colonic & Rectal Surgery
6. Key Hole Gall Bladder Removal
7. Key Hole Inguinal Hernia & Hiatus Hernia Repair
8. Trans Urethral Prostate Resection
9. Trans Urethral Bladder Tumour Resection
10. Coronary artery Bypass Grafts
11. Carotid Artery Bypass Grafts
12. Aortic Artery Repair or Inner sleeve Insertion

As well using "Santa Elena Clinic for Surgical Cases Dr. E.F. Guillem admits his patients needing In-Patient Medical care to this Institution.

The high Standards of cleanliness and nursing care together with it's efficient Laboratory and sophisticated scanning Equipment make it a natural choice for quick diagnosing of difficult cases which cannot be done easily on an outpatient basis.

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