Our Endoscopy service is under the direction of Dr. Gervasio Salgado one of the most experienced Endoscopist on the coast having carried out over 5000 endoscopies over the last 20 years.

Endoscopy has revolutionised the management of Gastrointestinal Medicine it has enabled us to see inside the upper and lower Gut in a direct way.

This enables us to make an earlier and more accurate diagnosis of conditions which might otherwise have been left unattended resulting in future untreatable situations.

The areas which are endoscoped are the oesophagus(portion of gut from your throat to your stomach),the stomach and duodenum when inserting the instrument via the oral route.

Alternatively the rectum, Colon and terminal ileum can be examined via the rectal route. This Examination requires Bowel Preparation for 48 hrs. prior to the examination, details of which can be obtained from our Clinic Nurse when making the appointment for the procedure. N.B. THe Clinic Nurse is available from 10.00 hrs. to 14.00 hrs. Mon-Fri Inclusive.

The Endoscopy Unit consists of one Endoscopy room fully equipped with piped Medicinal Oxygen, suction facilities , full Electro Cardiografic, Pulse Rate & Arterial Oxygen Saturation monitoring. Resuscitation facilities consist of three recovery rooms, all attended by a member of our nursing staff who will see to your needs and monitor you carefully until you have fully recovered from your sedation.

Your Investigation Procedure will be recorded on a DVD, a copy of which will be handed to you, to keep.

A full report will also be written up with photographs of any section of your gut which our Endoscopist might consider of clinical importance.

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